Lake Minnewawa 
       Lake Improvement District

Lake Minnewawa Lake Improvement District Vision Statement
Our Vision is to be an organization dedicated to providing funds for service and research efforts which serve to improve the health of Lake Minnewawa. To provide control and management of District funds with transparency and ensure compliance per applicable state and county requirements. We see a healthy Lake Minnewawa as one which is navigable and clean for recreation, supportive of historical and appropriate vegetation (including wild rice), source of a good fishery and home to a variety of birds and animals, based on standards established with state aquatic authorities. We envision an engaged property owner membership in support of best practice land management.  

                       Public Announcements ​   
                                2020  Director Meetings   
                                   Members welcome
​   2020 Monthly meetings will be held on Friday this year
                          Meetings will start at 10am

                 July 24    Minnewawa Sportsman's Clubhouse
                 Oct 23

 Annual Meeting will be held at McGregor Community Center
​                     Saturday August 22      10am

                         We'll welcome ideas for projects which will improve
                                               the health of Lake Minewawa